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Performair Weather Station

Biondo Racing Products

ALT-PA-2 Weather stations

ALT-PAE-WD optional with wind

When you purchase a weather station from Biondo Racing, you will be getting the latest in weather station technology, and the latest version of that particular model. With years of on-track experience, we are able to give you an important tip sheet on using the unit and dialing in your ET or throttle stop. We sell the units that work, and we are not the manufacturer, we are racers that use the units! Gauges and Gadgets has equally been racing Stock Super/Stock, and Brackets for over 25 years. We have used all types of weather stations including the trailer mounted type.

First and foremost, this latest version is packed with the same prediction capabilities as the original PerformAIRE, but also allows for 1 run predictions with preset and user defined ratios, multiple weather variable predictions (oxygen altitude -optional-, density altitude, air density ratio, correction factor, dew point, and vapor pressure), and corrects prediction for wind effects, which are customizable.

Other features include:

Large LCD Display. Last Air Sample “Hold”. You can save a run at a specific time and recall it later.

State of the art weather sensors – temp, humidity, barometer, vapor pressure, and dew point : quick responding and extremely accurate.

400 run database – can be split up to hold 10 different cars or tracks, all runs are entered on the Data Entry Keypad, and stored with a date and time stamp.

Highly Accurate Prediction Program – predicts your ET or Throttle Stop settings, Jet Sizes, etc. through exact scientific equations formulated specifically for internal combustion engines.

Run Completion (to help figure what you would have run on a pass when you lifted early), and bad run detection feature.

Download / Analysis Kit Available for your PC.

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