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Tools Cylinder Head, Cams, and Valve Train

LSM Racing Products developed the standard for changing valve springs with our innovative designs. The LSM Valve Spring Compressors are simply the best quality and easiest to use. It makes changing valve springs a fast, safe, and simple one-man job.All LSM on head Valve Spring Compressors have a tapered flange retainer housing that can fit springs as small as .800" and up to 1.600". And they can easily and safely handle 1,000 pounds of seat pressure with our screw down method. Plus, you won't need an extra set of hands so you don't lose your keepers. No need to take off the pedestals - our compressors bolt right to the stands!LSM makes every effort to stay current with the latest designs from the rocker manufacturers, however rocker designs may change. Please consult Gauges and Gadgets or LSM if you have questions about a particular rocker design and whether or not LSM has a tool to fit.
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